We are missing contact information on the students listed below. Please help us reconnect with them by providing their contact information on our Alumni page or by emailing Rob at the St. Hubert School office.


8th Grade Class of 1940 (missing class picture)

  • Alvin Jeurissen
  • Dorothy Powers
  • Richard Schumacher
  • Frederick Zimmer

8th Grade Class of 1941 (missing class picture)

  • Hildegard F.
  • Donna Mae Rossiter

8th Grade Class of 1942

  • Frederick Kurtz
  • Harold Miller
  • Rosella Schroeder

8th Grade Class of 1945

  • Theresa Gaetely (Schlenk)
  • Genevieve Kohman (Jeurissen)

8th Grade Class of 1947 (missing class picture)

  • Elizabeth Foley (Kerber)
  • John Miller
  • Patricia Weekley (Kerber)
  • Darline Schlenk

8th Grade Class of 1948

  • James Pederson
  • Loretta Trelstad (Schroeder)