We are missing contact information on the students listed below. Please help us reconnect with them by providing their contact information on our Alumni page or by emailing Rob at the St. Hubert School office.


8th Grade Class of 1950 (missing class picture)

  • Beverly Bollig (Jacques)
  • David Pidcock
  • Jean Schlenk

8th Grade Class of 1953 (missing class picture)

  • Frederick Schmieg

8th Grade Class of 1957

  • Michael Schutrop

8th Grade Class of 1958

  • Mary Kerber (Rose)
  • Margaret Roushar
  • Loretta Schmeig
  • Wallace Schroeder
  • Martha Skeie (Pauly)
  • Richard Winters

8th Grade Class of 1959

  • Berniece Brose
  • Bob Cash
  • Jerry Schutrop
  • Kay Shakberger