St. Hubert Catholic School art program focuses on the whole child in that we develop skills with dozens of materials, techniques, and mediums so that each child can feel successful. The art concepts are repeated each level but always with new subject matter that expands skills and promotes new discovery. We study the masters of art and pair our compositions to an artist or a cultural period in time. Emphasis is put on understanding the elements and principals of art so that students can analyze, compare, interpret, and evaluate their art. This promotes life long learners in the sense that the students use critical thinking, creative decision-making, and careful observation skills. Students learn and demonstrate art techniques, tools, and materials. Students are encouraged to create original art that expresses their specific artistic ideas. With each new experience, we strive to make the process joyful and grow moments of discovery.


Each month our school staff walks through the hallways to find a piece of art displayed that sparks their interest. The description that is written near the art pieces is read to better understand what the project criteria is about.  For that month, an artist’s work that best represents the criteria and draws their attention is chosen. Each of the three pieces of art is proudly displayed in the school office for that month. Not only does it show children that their creations are valuable, it also adds beauty to the office space and is a welcome visual to visitors to the school. The students are so happy when their name is announced for the month and are asked to come down to the office and receive a certificate. After the month is over, these pieces are brought to another part of the building called “the hall of fame” and are displayed together through the rest of the year.

Art Adventure

The art adventure program is brought to us by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It is a way of bringing reproductions of art that represent actual artworks to the classroom. Each year, the eight works of art are chosen around a theme. Parents sign up to be “picture people” and play a vital link between the original work of art in the museum and children in the schools. Parents are trained at the Institute to facilitate discussion with thoughtful open-ended questions and related props. They encourage the students to look at the reproductions and talk about what they see.

We follow up classroom presentations with a visit to the museum to see the actual artworks. The students are thrilled to see the real artwork they studied and glimpse art from past years that they still remember. They gain confidence in their ability to find meaning in a wide range of history and a variety of world culture.