Monarchs and milkweed and tarantulas, oh my!  As a small child I raised salamanders and frogs in a sandbox habitat, saw the rings of Saturn and cratesr on the moon through a neighborhood telescope and played “mad scientist” with my chemistry lab in the basement.  I have always been fascinated with science and the natural world. 

After graduating from St. Olaf College with a major in biology, I had a career in agricultural research and horticulture while raising a family, then returned to school twenty years later to earn a teaching degree and Master's of education at St. Catherine University.  I love teaching and inspiring young middle school students to learn more about the wonders of science and scientific research.  I have traveled to over thirty countries in the world, landing on every continent except Antarctica, and have spent a month at sea on a research vessel with a day two miles beneath the ocean surface in the submersible, ALVIN.

I love spending my summers raising thousands of monarch butterflies while doing research at the U of M and mentoring seventh and eighth grade students who are interested in nature and ecology.  I am thankful to St. Hubert School and Parish for providing an incredible community for me to learn and grow spiritually, professionally and academically.