Our experienced and dedicated teaching staff works in teams to design creative lessons that tap their young students’ natural curiosity and desire to learn.  Our teachers use continuing education and professional development to bring quality and best practices to their lessons.  In kindergarten through fourth grade, St. Hubert Catholic School students experience religion, mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, Spanish, physical education, technology, art, and music classes.  Starting in fourth grade, students may also elect to join our band program.  

Our school age child care program, Buzz Club, takes place before and after school and offers the same excellent academic quality and focus on faith found in our school-day curriculum. Buzz Club staff members provide a safe and fun place for students to complete homework assignments and relax with friends.


We believe the foundation of religion is the conviction that God is always present in our daily lives. Our students become aware of the responsibility they have to themselves, each other, and the world around them through the teachings of Jesus Christ taught through doctrine, tradition, scripture and prayer.  In the elementary grades, teachers focus on developing a relationship to God, the foundations of the Catholic faith, and early sacraments.


We believe our rigorously critical-thinking based math program will provide resources and instruction for individual needs, as well as allow students to apply math concepts to real world situations.  Our math teachers find a balance of teaching both conceptual and procedural mathematics to deepen our students’ understanding of the world around them and bring math to life.

Language Arts

We believe the goal of a language arts program is to create effective communicators. Using the interrelated process of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, St. Hubert Catholic School students will learn to communicate with confidence, clarity, creativity, and competence.  Our students will also understand and appreciate different genres, be able to follow written and spoken directions, find information using different means, and truly integrate their learning at home with Read Naturally, Raz Kids, Type To Learn, Accelerated Reader, and other programs.


We believe science should enhance each student’s curiosity and develop their ability to investigate, analyze and explain the biological, physical, chemical, and technological world around them.  Our teachers balance the use of hands-on experiences and direct instruction to excite students about the life cycle of a duck, weather, the solar system, light, sound, and a variety of other topics.

Social Studies

We believe the social studies program creates responsible citizens who are accepting of cultural diversity in our global society.  Through understanding the past and present, St. Hubert Catholic School students will be able to meet the challenges of their future.  Our teachers help students understand events both present and long ago, develop citizenship skills, and learn about our country.  


We believe that through the study of another language and culture, St. Hubert Catholic School students will gain a better understanding of the world and the many areas of diversity throughout.  By teaching our students a second language, our teachers are helping St. Hubert Catholic School students become more globally competitive.

Physical Education

We believe through the physical education program, St. Hubert Catholic School students will develop lifelong skills to lead healthy lifestyles.  Our skilled teachers have developed a program consisting of activities and experiences that promote health, safety, physical, and social skills.  These experiences help our students form positive self-images.


We believe our technology program supports our students understanding, use, and proficiency of technological skills. The experiences St. Hubert Catholic School students have with technology enables them to meet the future challenges they encounter.  Our students develop strong word processing, multimedia, video, presentation, and creative skills through multiple technological tools to become competitive 21st century learners and citizens.


We believe that art is a balance of creative experiences, skill development, and knowledge.  Our teachers deliver unique experiences comprised of these components in an environment that is student-centered, discipline based, and structured.  Our student’s artwork is the pride of the hallways at St. Hubert Catholic School and can be found displayed throughout the building.


We believe our music program is a resource to develop the student’s creativity, self-confidence, and love of music.  Our music teachers use a balance of study, practice, and performance for all of our students to create one of the strongest programs at St. Hubert Catholic School.  Our elementary school students have the opportunity to learn basic instruments and perform at our Advent Prayer program.  Starting in fourth grade, St. Hubert Catholic School students have another musical opportunity and can participate in band.