F. L. I. P. S!
Fund-A-Need 2017
St. Hubert Catholic School is doing FLIPS!

This is the beginning of a larger long range plan to make St. Hubert Catholic School its very best. By repurposing and altering space to change with our evolving growth and needs, we will become more...

Flexible, Lean, Innovative, Purposeful and Secure

Our 2017 Fund-A-Need portion of Spring Gala is dedicated to creating a flexible, innovative, and purposeful learning space to enhance the heart of our school, the LINK. We will be designing seating and acoustics to FLIP this room into a fun, modern, comfortable, collaborative and flexible area for students, teachers and parents to collaborate. These enhancements will encourage expanded use of this beautiful space. Innovative and purposeful soft seating and sound improvements will provide a creative learning environment. Our project will expand to the current patio space to produce a natural extension of the LINK providing a purposeful outdoor classroom. The students and teachers are going to love this innovative use of our school LINK and backyard. We look forward to reaching our Fund-A-Need goal at Spring Gala and to the next security phase of F.L.I.P.S.

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