At St. Hubert Catholic School, our middle school promotes the love of learning through rigorous, faith-filled, academic, artistic, and athletic programs. Our students understand the value of a multifaceted education and develop the desire to become lifelong learners. We nurture the individual gifts and talents of students, while meeting their individual needs in a Christ centered atmosphere.  Our content-rich curriculum is taught by extremely qualified professional educators, dedicated to Catholic education.

Our middle school teachers work collaboratively with students and parents to provide experiences that encourage students to develop appropriate levels of independence. St. Hubert Catholic School students develop self-monitoring skills and self-motivation through a nurturing, safe and trusting environment. 

Our middle school students develop organization skills, extended concentration, perseverance, creativity, abstract, and critical thinking skills. When students leave the walls of St. Hubert Catholic School, it is our desire for them to leave with a love of God, truth, knowledge, and learning.