HIVE (Parent Teacher Organization)

HIVE stands for Hornet Involvement and Volunteer Engagement. The mission of the HIVE is to enrich the St. Hubert School community through hospitality, social events, educational enrichment, and fundraising efforts. St. Hubert School families are a passionate and invested group that strive to provide the most well-rounded educational and community experience. HIVE’s most important objective is to ensure and support the success of St. Hubert School students and staff. In addition HIVE aims to:

• Grow and foster community
• Encourage volunteer efforts supporting school events
• Develop and expand vendor-based fundraising programs
• Establish new and creative ways to approach classic school events


The St. Hubert School newcomers club is a friendly group of volunteers who try to make life easier for new families as you transition into our wonderful school.  Whether you have a kindergartener, or a new sixth grader, we help you feel included right away. The transition into school for the kids will be easy- our fantastic teachers will make sure your children know exactly what’s going on.  The newcomers club focuses on YOU to help make things a little easier when you have questions. During the summer we host the very popular back-to-school play-dates at the school playground so families can get to know each other and have some fun before school even starts.  Parents, you can get a school tour while your kids have fun with our KIND committee students during our new student welcome event.  Our volunteers are also at your service in August to be personal shopping assistants during the Uniform Sale to help you save time and money.  Throughout the school year we reach out in friendship to help new families feel connected and included through our new family mentor program and our coffee talk speaker series.  We look forward to meeting you soon!


The mission of the school advisory council is to create an environment that enables the parents and faculty of the St. Hubert School community to provide a sound, quality education in a Catholic setting for all students.

The school advisory council's main role is to advise and support the administration on broad issues that impact students, parents or faculty. The Council reviews and evaluates policies and potential policies and provides feedback as appropriate as well as to establish long and short term goals and objectives for St. Hubert School.


There are many different opportunities to volunteer at St. Hubert School. There are positions in all grades, on all days, at all times ~ there is something for everyone!

Please contact Katie Hodges to sign up to help.

Thank you for making our school such a special place for students and staff!

All volunteers must complete a background check and attend a Virtus Training session before volunteering at St. Hubert School.

Background Check Form

Please visit to view ALL Virtus sessions available in the archdiocese and for more information regarding Virtus training.