Our school nutrition program is managed by Yuliya Yakovleva. Students can choose to bring their own lunch or can purchase a school lunch. St. Hubert Catholic School provides popular, healthy, varied, and well-balanced meals on a daily basis for $3.50. In addition to the main entree, a sandwich option is available for all students as well as fresh vegetables. Each school lunch includes milk. For those bringing cold lunch, milk may be purchased for $.45. A la carte items are available to students in grades five through eight. They include healthy items such as 100% juice for $1.50 and yogurt for $.75. A second entree, or doubles, is $1.65.

St. Hubert Catholic School will make accommodations for allergies and other medical needs as needed.

Free/Reduced Lunch
An application for free or reduced-price meals is available from the school office.


A Note From Paige Lepak, St. Hubert Catholic School Counselor
I am excited to be working as the School Counselor here at St. Hubert Catholic School. I thoroughly enjoy being able to provide support and promote healthy emotional growth and development. I am available to consult with parents and teachers and help with referral services for children. If there is an area where your student could benefit from additional support such as organizational skills, grief and loss, social/emotional skills, problem solving, academic concerns, or other areas, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me. My office hours are typically Monday – Friday from 8:00 – 4:00 (Tuesday and Friday from 8:00 AM-12:30 PM). I am available before school and during school hours if you would like to set up a time to meet. I feel very fortunate to work with the incredible students and staff here at St. Hubert Catholic School.

Psychologist, Dr. Steve Kahn
St. Hubert Catholic School has a long-standing contract with a licensed child psychologist, Dr. Steven Kahn, who is available, at no charge, to our students and parents as part of their school enrollment. Dr. Kahn has been a part of our school community for over ten years.

Please feel free to talk with Dr. Kahn about concerns you might have about your child at home or at school. Parents sometimes call about behavioral problems at home or at school or difficult life events that have been affecting their children. Depending on the situation, you might ask him to meet with your child or with you as parents. In other cases, he might decide to speak with the teachers or with individual classes. He can also discuss various assessment options that may be available to you.

Parents can contact Dr. Kahn directly at any time at or 651-426-4297.

Check out his website at for great parenting resources.


Our health services team collaborates with educational and support services within the school and community to promote student health for student achievement.

Our full-time registered nurse provides direct care to promote our students’ physical, social and emotional health needs.

Our full-time registered nurse:

  • Provides routine & emergency care (certified in CPR, AED & First Aid)

  • Plans & provides care to students with chronic medical conditions

  • Maintains documentation of immunizations & other health issues

  • Monitors and coordinates prevention & control of communicable diseases

  • Plans & provides for vision, hearing, scoliosis & color blindness screening & referrals

  • Provides health consultation & education to students, families and staff

No Shots, No School
Students who are not up to date on their immunizations will not be allowed to start school until they receive the proper booster shots and provide the school with documentation of these vaccines. Parents may choose to decline immunizations for their child by getting a legal exemption from Minnesota school law for medical reasons or conscientiously held beliefs.

St. Hubert Catholic School (District #112) now participates in MIIC (Minnesota Immunization Information Connection), a statewide registry for immunizations. This secured system allows clinics, physician's offices and schools to share immunization data.


St. Hubert Catholic School realizes that there are many different types of learning styles. Some learners are more successful in a small group setting. St. Hubert Catholic School has resource teachers available to help students in a one on one or small group setting to help ensure these type of learners are successful.

SHINE (St. Hubert's Intentional Nurturing of Exceptionality)

St. Hubert Catholic School is committed to educating the whole child and developing each student’s potential to the highest degree. The school recognizes that some learners perform at remarkably high levels of accomplishment and strives to grant these students the direction, time, encouragement, and resources to maximize their potential. Gifted and talented learners possess unique needs and St. Hubert Catholic School is prepared to offer them the necessary curriculum and resources to meet these needs.