ALTAR SERVERS (grade 5 - 8)

Servers assist the priest during the Sunday and Holy day liturgies as well as the Wednesday school liturgy. This requires training and reverence for what happens during the liturgy.

JUNIOR GREAT BOOKS (grades 1 - 8)

Junior Great Books (JGB) is a division of the The Great Books Foundation.  JGB offers extensive reading and language arts curricula.  Student enrollment is open to all interested first through eighth grade students.  Each week a selected classic literature piece is discussed using the “shared inquiry” method, which encourages students to support their thoughts and ideas with evidence.  The goal is to improve critical thinking skills, reading comprehension, and application of ideas.

SAFETY PATROL (grades 5 & 6)

Safety Patrol members work in teams throughout the year to assist in the school parking lot in the mornings before school to keep the flow of cars moving safely as students are being dropped off or in the afternoon to prepare the lot for a safe dismissal.

SPEECH CLUB (grades 3 - 6)

Beginner Group
This group's focus is on gaining confidence speaking in front of groups. Opportunities are given for the students to speak into a microphone at a podium, evaluate their peers, and deliver their own speeches. Students are taught the basics of how to organize their thoughts and prepare to give a speech. At the end of the six week session, parents are invited to attend and watch their child deliver their final speech.

Advanced Group
Students in the advanced group will continue to work on their speaking skills, organizing their speeches, and speaking in front of their peers. Students will evaluate each other and the meeting will be run entirely by the students. They will also explore the use of PowerPoint and props in their speeches. At the end of the six week session, students will deliver their final speech to their parents.

STUDENT COUNCIL (grades 5 - 8)

Students elect one representative from each homeroom. Student council meets monthly and is facilitated by staff advisers. Council members are in charge of planning many school activities including the planning of Middle School activities and social justice fundraising events.  In addition, members are responsible for discussing issues and concerns of their classmates and reporting to their class on the issues.  The students involved with student council are called on throughout the year to be role models and assist with additional tasks to enhance the students’ experience at St. Hubert School.


The yearbook is a colorful chronicle of student life at St. Hubert School. Each year, students may apply to assist parent volunteers in creating the yearbook.  

The yearbook begins with a dedication page.  In the fall, student council members nominate ten teachers or staff members for this dedication.  The entire eighth grade class then votes for whom the yearbook will be dedicated to that year.  

Grades preschool through eighth grade each have a section of the yearbook.  Kindergarteners are asked to draw a self-portrait that is juxtaposed with their class pictures. Graduating eighth grade portraits are shown next to a picture of them from the year they began attending school.  

The yearbook ends with a page showing how faith is celebrated and lived at St. Hubert School.


Students work individually to create a new invention that will benefit someone they know. Students are taught the process of coming up with ideas, verifying that their invention idea doesn’t currently exist, design display boards and make a prototype or working model of their idea.

The evaluation process celebrates students for their creativity, originality, problem solving, and written expression. The St. Hubert School Fair is an exciting event, honoring the creativity of students in a way they will always remember.